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  1. Proverb 19 'de hand in eigen boezem steken'
  2. I need to explain the word 'boezem'. It can mean breast or chest. But it can also refer
  3. here. The 'boezem' is to the place of your conscience. And to put your hand on this place
  4. Marinus Boezem, famous for his 'Green Cathedral' in Flevoland province.
  5. But the embroidery is done very seriously, with the cross stitches. The name Boezem.
  6. because the last two letters in Boezem, 'em'...
  7. Natasja Boezem will fill in for her dad today.
  8. The fifteen installations by Marinus Boezem...
  9. Marinus Boezem had specified quite precisely...
  10. Welcome to the online opening of Marinus Boezem - All Shows.
  11. Let's start with Marinus Boezem as a person.
  12. There are guides at the exhibition, so-called Boezem Friends....
  13. What will the Boezem Friends be doing?
  14. Each day there will be two Boezem Friends present.
  15. It carries Marinus Boezem's signature.
  16. All Boezem Friends wear one. It says God Bless You at the back.
  17. of the infinite space Marinus Boezem is trying to capture.
  18. Who is Marinus Boezem?
  19. Marinus Boezem, famous for his 'Green Cathedral' in Flevoland province.
  20. The name Boezem.