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  1. after only 36 hours to undergo buckanovsky's process bokonovsky's process repeated the director
  2. he raised a hand his expression was solemn bokonovsky's process is one of the major
  3. of fertilization membership of bokonovsky group details were transferred from test tube to bottle
  4. and push his machine out onto the roof the hangars were staffed by a single bokonovsky group and the
  5. had it been with jean-jacques habibullah or bokonovsky jones she couldn't remember anyhow
  6. by a single bokonovsky group and in effect 83 almost noseless black brachycephalic deltas
  7. two bokonovsky groups of 84 redheaded female and 78 dark dolycocephalic male twins respectively
  8. half an hour later three delta minus land workers from one of the platinum bokonovsky groups