How do you pronounce borgward in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. Volvo 1800 ES, another Volvo, another Borgward Isabella, another Borgward Isabella, Tja,
  2. Borgward coupe including parts,
  3. Mercedes, Borgward, Mercedes, Peugeot,
  4. We start our 4th IAA video with a returning brand after 52 years: Borgward.
  5. Indeed. The brand was revived by the grandson of the founder, Carl Borgward.
  6. So Christian Borgward has raised funds from China to build this 'premium' SUV.
  7. And 'Since 1919' makes little sense as the last new Borgward came in 1963.
  8. The younger viewers might not know Borgward, but the older viewers know that it's a legendary German manufacturer.
  9. People forgot about the name, but a Chinese manufacturer revived Borgward a few years ago.
  10. Isabella is also the name of the most legendary Borgward ever.