How do you pronounce boriates in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. Haos Boriates is at the top of our list.
  2. After Volt's Brontes Boriates, the main bakugan
  3. Let's talk about Boriates' abilities; +Odin shield cancels the opponent's ability and
  4. Hyper tank explosion = Doubles the power of boriates Volts
  5. Armored Glow: To Boriates Adds 500G.
  6. Prometheus Cannon: From the Opponent 300 Power level transfer to Boriates
  7. + Storm Weapon: 500 Gs from Opponent to Boriates transfers.
  8. Boriates.
  9. Hyper Tanks: 400 from Opponent to Boriates G Transfers.
  10. War Layout Ability: Adds 700Gs to Boriates and
  11. (Used by pressing keys, normal not like a skill) Olympus Ball: To Boriates
  12. should be) (And boriates this when used does not return to ball form is not a talent
  13. used) Boriates' fusion abilities the following are; Mega Machine Gun: Transfers
  14. 200 Gs from the opponent to Boriates.