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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of bottle

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of bottle:

Derived Form of bottle

plural: bottles
third person: bottles
past: bottled
past participle: bottled
present participle: bottling
a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
Hyponymsbeer bottle, carafe, carboy, catsup bottle, cruet, demijohn, flask, gourd, ink bottle, jug, phial, pill bottle, pop bottle, smelling bottle, specimen bottle, water bottle, whiskey bottle, wine bottle,
Meronymsbottlecap, mouth,
the quantity contained in a bottle
Type ofcontainerful,
a vessel fitted with a flexible teat and filled with milk or formula; used as a substitute for breast feeding infants and very young children
Synonymsfeeding bottle, nursing bottle,
glass or plastic vessel; cylindrical with a narrow neck; no handle
Partsbottlecap, bottle-cordk, mouth,
Type ofvessel,
Typesampoule, ampul, ampule, beer bottle, calabash, carafe, carboy, catsup bottle, crewet, cruet, decanter, demijohn, feeding bottle, flask, gourd, ink bottle, inkpot, jug, ketchup bottle, nursing bottle, phial, pill bottle, pop bottle, smelling bottle, soda bottle, specimen bottle, vial, water bottle, whiskey bottle, wine bottle,
(informal) courage
store (liquids or gases) in bottles
Type ofstore,
put into bottles
  1. bottle the mineral water
Type oflay, place, pose, position, put, set,
See alsobottler,

bottle on Youtube

  1. won't say bottle. They'll say boddle. Like a D. Bottle. Bottle. Make sure your
  2. look at this coke bottle in a coke bottle it's coke bottle-ception it's a
  3. the round Heineken bottle into a square bottle, which he called the WOBO, The World Bottle
  4. Hit the bottle with your palms and suddenly a bottle cap appears inside. Where did it come from?
  5. Hold a full bottle of coca-cola in one hand and a newspaper in the other set up the bottle behind the newspaper
  6. Tyler: Can you say, This is the bottle flip? Owen: (shyly)This is the bottle flip.
  7. Insulated bottle fill your bottle almost all the way with water leaving a gap at the top of about an inch or two
  8. the edges. The bottle itself looks old yet, the contents of the bottle are dang near perfect,
  9. okay, so there's this trick that you can open one bottle with another bottle and then if you whoop
  10. bottle topper on to the bottle put them
  11. Wengie: Actually, we aren't, there's a second part to this prank, fill an empty bottle of Sprite with Listerine, the green bottle will completely disguise the color of the mouthwash, but I used clear mouthwash anyways!
  12. But it turns the coupler into a bottle hole place a large bowl on the baseboard and simply slide a two-liter bottle filled with water
  13. The water bottle sprayer comes with a 32 ounce bottle
  14. Cushioning the catch each time and pushing it up and keeping the bottle moving you keep the bottle moving
  15. open up a water bottle, upend the water bottle on top of the spoke,
  16. Wengie: When I was a kid, I used to love, playing in sand pits, and, building sandcastles, on the beach, so, I'm going to re-live my childhood, by showing you guys, how to make your own shovel, using a simple, juice bottle, or, milk bottle!
  17. bottle and say it's a really expensive bottle of wine or whiskey or something and and try to charge you 10,000 RMB.
  18. 'A bottle-o' is a bottle shop, somewhere you can buy grog, booze, alcohol.
  19. A straw, a balloon, a bottle of coke, a smaller bottle, an awl, and a glue gun