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  1. In the past, there was one venerable teacher named Luang Por Buddhadasa.
  2. Venerable Buddhadasa used an analogy of
  3. Buddhadasa taught 16 stages of mindful breathing,
  4. I wanted to ordain with Buddhadasa,
  5. The temple there that taught in the same way as Buddhadasa was Chonprathan, Luangpor Panya.
  6. After the ordination ceremony with him, he gave me a book by Buddhadasa.
  7. Buddhadasa wrote.
  8. that Buddhadasa inserted in his book.
  9. All I could find was a short book again by Buddhadasa on the topic.
  10. Later I returned to Dependent Arising by Buddhadasa and saw he was correct.
  11. Buddhadasa called it Original Mind.
  12. Buddhadasa taught mindfulness of the breath,