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  1. In honor of Jan Bullens I called him Red Bullens.
  2. And Leonidas is the 2nd pigeon from Red Bullens which ended up in the breeding loft.
  3. A direct son of Red Bullens, which went to the breeding loft.
  4. He is a son from Nol, the first pigeon from Red Bullens which ended up in the breeding loft.
  5. So we'll eat some Bullens pilsner sausage, to get some energy back.
  6. He's from the line of the famous Red Bullens.
  7. We all know it, raced by Jan Bullens and now in the loft of Gerard Koopman.
  8. Here in the neighboorhood a special pigeon flies at Jan Bullens.
  9. When we made an appointment with Jan Bullens.
  10. Looking back, that happened to 'Red Bullens' too.
  11. In honor of the breeder we called him Red Bullens.
  12. Red Bullens won
  13. The first youngster of Red Bullens.
  14. Because I didnt have youngsters of Red Bullens in the breeding loft.
  15. He is a son of Red Bullens.
  16. He is also a son to Red Bullens.
  17. Red Bullens is his father.
  18. He is a son of Red Bullens'.
  19. Aristos is a son to Red Bullens with a hen of Nol Peiren.
  20. From Red Bullens we have three sons in the breeding loft.