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How do you pronounce bullock's oriole in English (1 out of 546042).

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Derived Form of bullock

plural: bullocks
young bull
Hypernymsbull, young mammal,
Type ofbull,
castrated bull
Hypernymscattle, male,
Type ofBos taurus, cattle, cows, kine, oxen,

Derived Form of oriole

plural: orioles
mostly tropical songbird; the male is usually bright orange and black
SynonymsOld World oriole,
Hyponymsfig-bird, golden oriole,
Type ofoscine, oscine bird,
Typesfig-bird, golden oriole, Oriolus oriolus,
Part offamily Oriolidae, Oriolidae,
American songbird; male is black and orange or yellow
SynonymsNew World oriole, American oriole,
Hyponymsbobolink, cacique, meadowlark, New World blackbird, northern oriole, orchard oriole,
Type ofoscine, oscine bird,
Typesblackbird, bobolink, cacique, cazique, Dolichonyx oryzivorus, Icterus galbula, Icterus spurius, lark, meadowlark, New World blackbird, northern oriole, orchard oriole, reedbird, ricebird,
Part offamily Icteridae, Icteridae,

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