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  1. had a flat buttplate. After 1940 some stocks had a cupped buttplate. All stocks had a steel
  2. Here is the stock buttplate, I'm not sure if there is a technic to pull it off really, just grab it hard and pull on the side
  3. look what you've done back here on the buttplate.
  4. so by adjusting this buttplate down and left or right,
  5. It's a K98k buttplate, so it went on the back of the rifle.
  6. Yeah, it makes perfect sense that we're finding a Mauser K98k bolt and now this buttplate.
  7. ...I just found a K98k buttplate, the second one, and i put it all together here.
  8. buttplate. Accessories
  9. the receiver center axis. A common minor modification was replacing the stock buttplate with a waffled
  10. anti-slip sniper buttplate. Approximately 132,000 of these sniper rifles were produced