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  1. Eduardo Cadava: What the way the college is envisioned as is a
  2. Eduardo Cadava: place to bring together undergraduates, graduate
  3. Eduardo Cadava: students, and faculty in a place where students live, in
  4. Eduardo Cadava: order to enhance the life that you have here.
  5. Eduardo Cadava: Part of my charge is just to make sure
  6. Eduardo Cadava: that where the students live continues to be a place where they learn.
  7. Eduardo Cadava: Well, it was the first college.
  8. Eduardo Cadava: In the late '50s, some students got together and went to the then-president,
  9. Eduardo Cadava: President Goheen, and made a case for an alternative to the eating clubs.
  10. Eduardo Cadava: It was a place where students could gather
  11. Eduardo Cadava: together with faculty. They would invite faculty and it was a kind of template for
  12. Eduardo Cadava: the residential college systems.