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  1. Transferring the person to the S-CAPEPLUS can be done in various ways. You can provide assistance, lift the person from the wheelchair or use the logroll technique in case of unconscious individuals.
  2. Extremely strong hook and loop fasteners keep the flaps together and securely cocoons the person onto the S-CAPEPLUS. So in a matter of seconds, you are ready to move.
  3. At the foot and head are straps which you should use to transport the S-CAPEPLUS.
  4. At the core of the S-CAPEPLUS is a flexible 7 centimeter foam mattress embodied by a fire retardant and anti-bacterial fabric with great sliding capabilities.
  5. With a length of 210 cm and a width of 60 cm, the S-CAPEPLUS fits a large part of the population.
  6. And whenever your S-CAPEPLUS is severely damaged, you only need to replace the cover, which will prevent that you need to replace the entire system.
  7. After usage, you can place the S-CAPEPLUS cover in the washing machine or wipe it off using a desinfectant.
  8. Even though you might think that rescuing a person is complex, the S-CAPEPLUS makes it easy for you.
  9. The S-CAPEPLUS comes standard in a blue carrying bag.
  10. To highlight the location of the S-CAPEPLUS it is recommended to place it in a green Wall Cover that can be mounted to the wall.
  11. The S-CAPEPLUS is now being used by safety and rescue professionals in more than 40 countries across 6 continents.
  12. And it doesnt matter if you are a hotel, school, big corporate, hospital or the like, with the S-CAPEPLUS you are sure that no one gets left behind.
  13. So prepare you and your co-workers and make the S-CAPEPLUS part of your emergency plan.