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How do you pronounce carvers in English (1 out of 48).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of carvers

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of carvers:

Derived Form of carvers

root word: carver
plural: carvers
root word: carver
Noun: carver
United States botanist and agricultural chemist who developed many uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943)
SynonymsGeorge Washington Carver*,
Type ofbotanists, chemists, phytologists, plant scientist*,
makes decorative wooden panels
Type ofwoodmen, woodsmen, woodworkers,
See alsocarve,
an artist who creates sculptures
Synonymssculptors, sculpturers, statue maker*,
Type ofartists, creative person*,
TypesAlberto Giacometti*, Alexander Calder*, Amedeo Modigliano*, Aristide Maillol*, Auguste Rodin*, Barbara Hepworth*, Bartholdi*, Benvenuto Cellini*, Bernini*, Brancusi*, Calder*, Cellini*, Claes Oldenberg*, Constantin Brancusi*, Crawford*, da Vinci*, Dame Barbara Hepworth*, Daniel Chester French*, David Roland Smith*, David Smith*, Donatello*, Donato di Betto Bardi*, Epstein*, Francois Auguste Rene Rodin*, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi*, French*, Gaston Lachaise*, George Segal*, Giacometti*, Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini*, Henry Moore*, Henry Spencer Moore*, Hepworth*, Hoffman*, Isamu Noguchi*, Jacob Epstein*, Jacques Lipchitz*, Lachaise*, Leonardo da Vinci*, Leonardo*, Lin*, Lipchitz*, Lorado Taft*, Louise Nevelson*, Lysippus*, Maillol*, Malvina Hoffman*, Maya Lin*, Michelangelo Buonarroti*, Michelangelo*, Modigliani*, Moore*, Nevelson*, Noguchi*, Oldenberg*, Pablo Picasso*, Pheidias*, Phidias*, Picasso*, Praxiteles*, Rodin*, sculptresses, Segal*, Sir Jacob Epstein*, Smith*, Taft*, Thomas Crawford*,
See alsocarve,
someone who carves the meat
Type ofdiners,
See alsocarve,

carvers on Youtube

  1. MATT: The Carvers, the Carvers!
  2. The Carvers did their best to provide George with
  3. They have the same social status as the carvers of yam houses.
  4. Beyond being master stone carvers the Olmecs had developed a huge trading network and even
  5. The official guide mentions even more special items like Rakatan wraith boxes, Noghri carvers and Sith obelisks,
  6. like, ask questions, hang about. Just make sure you don't do anything stupid near the Carvers.
  7. MATT: The Carvers!
  8. MATT: The Carvers are the guard that run this city. They're the ones that keep the law.
  9. MATT: Yes, the armor, the Carvers!
  10. start talking about different creatures they fought. All right. Well, the Carvers are a bit of
  11. establishment there are following you from behind, curiously. The Carvers.
  12. LAURA: Oh shit, the Carvers. Shit.
  13. the work the Carvers do in this city, from what little we've seen so far, so hats off to you.
  14. LAURA: No! They're professional Carvers.
  15. MATT: Okay. As you turn around there are four Carvers that are hurrying towards you now, with
  16. MATT: All four Carvers take a step back, look at each other. Look, we're just doing our job.
  17. MATT: There are Carvers doing rounds around the city. On the streets wandering through in pairs,
  18. LIAM: No Carvers or any sort of guard detail outside the house? Anything like that?
  19. There seem to be lots of Carvers.
  20. MATT: The two new Carvers step forward and look at it. Ooh!