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  1. digital currencies, abbreviated as CBDCs, in the movement against crypto giants like and Bitcoin.
  2. CBDCs are built on central banks traditional roles in the payment system.
  3. CBDCs in unison.
  4. economic advantage of being a first mover in the global market for CBDCs.
  5. CBDCs can also promote financial inclusion similar to the success of M-Pesa, Kenya's mobile payment
  6. Most central banks say that it's likely CBDCs, if implemented, will coexist with other forms of
  7. but the hope is that publicly available CBDCs would have all these desirable characteristics.
  8. CBDCs are recognized by law and backed by the power of the central bank, which cannot go bankrupt.
  9. But this wouldnt be the case for CBDCs, which could be as trusted as cash, as convenient as a payment app,
  10. And just like cash, CBDCs could be distributed through commercial banks, avoiding too much disruption to the financial system
  11. Central banks have addressed CBDCs so far, really as part of a payments discussion.
  12. A lot depends on how much people would use CBDCs, and no central bank wants them
  13. One risk associated with CBDCs is that in an extreme situation, such as after a financial crash,
  14. providing service to the new and rising area of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).
  15. CBDCs are good at eliminating friction and payments on a domestic basis. For this
  16. of CBDCs ledger. It is so developed to ease up the money flow on a global level.
  17. governments worldwide have turned to the cryptocurrency industry for help with CBDCs.
  18. itself as the ideal blockchain for CBDCs. So there you have it! And with that we have
  19. blockchain technology can be parallelly compared to CBDCs network, which enables the coin
  20. from a cryptocurrency initiative. The CBDCs have completely endorsed it as the future