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  1. Hello and welcome to the CDSE
  2. for CDSE and your host for this webinar
  3. Our producer today is Rachel Mongeau and instructional designer with CDSE
  4. first Cybersecurity webinar here at CDSE. Many of you may have tunned in to
  5. CDSE's Counterintelligent webinars on Insider Threat
  6. CDSE Cyber Security web page and check out some of our exciting offerings
  7. Rachel Montgeau and all of CDSE this is Noah LeBaron
  8. The Defense Security Service, the CDSE, is most commonly used, and I refer a lot of people
  9. Development of Security Excellence and he will brief you on the CDSE program.
  10. Again, Wayne Scott from CDSE, a portion of the Defense Security Service.
  11. Within our CDSE, we go through three parts training, education, and of course again,
  12. Within DOD, or CDSE, I have approximately five individuals, three that are represented
  13. Im the Information Security curriculum manager at the CDSE.
  14. the design, development, and delivery of information security training products at the CDSE.
  15. Our information security catalog here at CDSE is broken up into, we have, the largest portion
  16. So that kind of rounds out the information security catalog within CDSE.
  17. areas that CDSE has products on.
  18. So right here, is our main page,
  19. So if you dont want to hunt around the entire DSS or CDSE catalog, you can go straight
  20. security awareness hub site, CDSE because its not on the learning management system