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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of cedar chest

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of cedar chest:
/sidɹ̩ t͡ʃɛst/

Derived Form of cedar

plural: cedars
any of numerous trees of the family Cupressaceae that resemble cedars
Synonymscedar tree,
HyponymsChilean cedar, incense cedar, Japanese cedar, kawaka, Oregon cedar, pahautea, southern white cedar, yellow cypress,
Partscedar, cedarwood,
Type ofconifer, coniferous tree,
TypesAlaska cedar, Atlantic white cedar, Austrocedrus chilensis, Calocedrus decurrens, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, Chamaecyparis thyoides, Chilean cedar, coast white cedar, Cryptomeria japonica, incense cedar, Japan cedar, Japanese cedar, kawaka, Lawson's cedar, Lawson's cypress, Libocedrus bidwillii, Libocedrus decurrens, Libocedrus plumosa, mountain pine, Nootka cypress, Oregon cedar, pahautea, Port Orford cedar, red cedar, southern white cedar, sugi, white cedar, white cypress, yellow cedar, yellow cypress,
Part ofCupressaceae, cypress family, family Cupressaceae,
durable aromatic wood of any of numerous cedar trees; especially wood of the red cedar often used for cedar chests
HyponymsPort Orford cedar, red cedar,
Type ofwood,
TypesPort Orford cedar, red cedar,
Part ofcedar, cedar tree, true cedar,
any cedar of the genus Cedrus
Synonymscedar tree, true cedar,
HyponymsAtlas cedar, cedar of Lebanon, deodar,
Partscedar, cedarwood,
Type ofconifer, coniferous tree,
TypesAtlas cedar, cedar of Lebanon, Cedrus atlantica, Cedrus deodara, Cedrus libani, deodar, deodar cedar, Himalayan cedar,
Part ofCedrus, genus Cedrus,

Derived Form of chest

plural: chests
the part of the human torso between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates
Synonymsthorax, pectus,
Hyponymsfemale chest, male chest,
Hypernymsbody part,
Meronymsarea of cardiac dullness, breast, chest cavity, gallbladder, pectoral, rib cage, sternum, thoracic aorta, thoracic vein,
Holonymstorso, vertebrate,
box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
Hyponymscaisson, cedar chest, coffer, hope chest, pyx, sea chest, tea chest, toolbox, toy box, treasure chest,
Type ofbox,
Typesammunition chest, Ark, Ark of the Covenant, caisson, cedar chest, coffer, hope chest, Pandora's box, pix, pix chest, pyx, pyx chest, sea chest, tea chest, tool cabinet, tool case, tool chest, toolbox, toy box, toy chest, treasure chest, wedding chest,
the front of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen
  1. he beat his breast in anger
Hypernymsexternal body part,
furniture with drawers for keeping clothes
Synonymschest of drawers, bureau, dresser,
Hyponymschiffonier, highboy, lowboy,
Meronymsdrawer, shelf,
Partsdrawer, shelf,
Type ofarticle of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture,
Typeschiffonier, commode, highboy, tallboy,
the part of the human body between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates
Synonymspectus, thorax,
Partsarea of cardiac dullness, breast, breastbone, chest cavity, gallbladder, musculus pectoralis, pecs, pectoral, pectoral muscle, pectoralis, rib cage, sternum, thoracic aorta, thoracic cavity, thoracic vein, vena thoracica,
Type ofbody part,
Typesfemale chest, male chest,
Part ofbody, craniate, torso, trunk, vertebrate,
See alsothoracic,

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