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  1. it turned out that Cellro was the best choice for us.
  2. We've closely collaborated with Cellro right from the beginning.
  3. I'm Elise de Koning, marketing manager at Cellro.
  4. With its latest innovation, Cellro brings the solution to a difficult dilemma for many machinists.
  5. Welcome to this video. My name is Tessa and I'm a software engineer at Cellro.
  6. Welcome to this video. My name is Bram de Koning, one of the mechanical engineers at Cellro.
  7. Let's start with the product gripper. Each product gripper from Cellro is automatically changeable.
  8. Cellro also offers double gripper options, so that differences in diameter can be accommodated and products can be quickly exchanged in the machine.
  9. Each Cellro cell can be equipped with a centering and takeover station. As the name suggests, this station has two functions:
  10. Finally, we would like to look at the storage location. Cellro uses drawers or trays in its products.
  11. Besides the standard inlays that are available from Cellro, it is of course also possible to create your own inlays and configure them in the software.