How do you pronounce chambeli in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. Yes, Chambeli.
  2. i feel like chambeli and champa are both the same!
  3. chambeli
  4. We'll have different channels so we both have different viewers, your channel would be champa and mine would be chambeli
  5. those of you who think that like champa and chambeli, you should be friends too
  6. champa dealt with chambeli brutally without considering how a Pakistani would never accept it
  7. take champa and chambeli's youtube channel , for some money they're ready to sell their country
  8. Champa Chambeli, why are you both started fighting too? There's already so much hate between our countries
  9. Champa, Chambeli.. You guys could even have arguments?
  10. champa chambeli have shut down?
  11. champa chambeli look good as friends, not as enemies