How do you pronounce chimist in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. i'm a chimist undercover of ONU, what i want is to discover the SERUM to create the Super soldier
  2. i have with me a ONU chimist who can give us the super soldier Serum
  3. a chimist who need our help
  4. who is the chimist here ?
  5. don't worry, he's chimist too
  6. i need anothere chimist, need red phial, need blue phial....
  7. Vicieux Play the role of a mad chimist
  8. Thus we have to find all the phials of various colors and bring them to the chimist to make the serum
  9. close the walk guys, pay attention on your chimist too
  10. synthesize, right, you are the chimist !
  11. let's return to our HQ to put all this stuff in safe area and the chimist can cook the serum
  12. let's cook chimist !