How do you pronounce chiraunjilaal in English (1 out of 17).

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  1. RJHarii as Chiraunjilaal - Ok. Let's begin.
  2. Chiraunjilaal - Why will you not give me?
  3. Chiraunjilaal - Why will you not give? Am I asking for your kidney?
  4. Chiraunjilaal - Hello!
  5. Chiraunjilaal - Hello bro!!! I am Chiraunji this side and this is Bablesh with me. He is not giving me his ATM pin.
  6. Chiraunjilaal - His dad is unwell. Who else will give the pin?
  7. Chiraunjilaal - So, should I make pickle with it?
  8. Chiraunjilaal - Tell him.
  9. Chiraunjilaal - Yes. It's not about the money but about the ATM Pin.
  10. Chiraunjilaal - Exactly! That's what I have been trying to make him understand.
  11. Chiraunjilaal - Bro that's why I am asking for the PIN. You please don't hang up without helping me.
  12. Chiraunjilaal - So, is his dad unwell or yours? Tell him.
  13. Chiraunjilaal - What work do you have?
  14. Chiraunjilaal - I was thinking you are totally free.
  15. Chiraunjilaal - No bro.
  16. Chiraunjilaal - Seems like you have all the time in the world that's why you are talking to us.
  17. Chiraunjilaal and Bablesh laugh together.