How do you pronounce chiraunjilal in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. RJ Harii as Chiraunjilal: Hello bro! Greetings. Chiraunjilal this side. And I have Bablesh with me.
  2. Chiraunjilal: Bablesh lower the volume of the song.
  3. Chiraunjilal: Bro do you supply bouncers?
  4. Chiraunjilal: Bablesh switch off the song!
  5. Chiraunjilal: Now he'll not disturb you. I will choke slam him.
  6. Chiraunjilal: How many?
  7. Chiraunjilal: Bro tell us how much money you will charge.
  8. Chiraunjilal: Ok. Can they run?
  9. Chiraunjilal: No. You did not get me. Bablesh wants to marry a girl. Ok? But she doesn't want to marry him.
  10. Chiraunjilal: No. For kidnapping he is enough alone. We will need the bouncers to get beaten in place of him.
  11. Chiraunjilal: So, we are asking for our security only. Or else he will be beaten up alone with shoes.
  12. Chiraunjilal: No problem.