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  1. along the military road throughout the morning of August 24th 357, nearing Chnodomars
  2. The Roman force arraying opposite Chnodomars horde had Tres Tabernae to its rear and could
  3. Chnodomars right flank was anchored by an area of forest, inside which the Germanic
  4. Chnodomars impetus-driven warriors lobbed their javelins first, loosing a deadly rain
  5. forest inside which lay Chnodomars ambush.
  6. Chnodomars intelligent counter to Julians mounted superweapon appeared to have been
  7. now came under similarly vicious attack from Chnodomars infantry.
  8. Chnodomars mounted division regrouped into a great strike-force and wheeled around, traversing
  9. Once the fighters were ready and fired up, a battering ram of Chnodomars very best