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  1. So, Coltons coming out interview made headlines.
  2. For now, I want to take a look back at Coltons season on The Bachelor in order to get a better
  3. The first thing you need to know going into Coltons season, season 23, is that Colton
  4. Coltons virginity is referenced incessantly.
  5. The bizarre level of attention to Coltons virginity shows that even the tiniest little
  6. Coltons virginity is understood as a threat to his masculinity,
  7. That language of control reframes Coltons virginity as being about him exercising his
  8. In the first episode of Coltons season, this is quickly emphasized by showing some
  9. Like at the time of Coltons season, the twenty-third season, only one of the past
  10. And then theres Coltons season.
  11. Ok, so Coltons season.
  12. And like half of them in Coltons season involve referencing his virginity immediately
  13. We see here that Coltons continued participation with the show and its romantic narrative requires
  14. as a result of Coltons passion.
  15. Coltons heartbreak as he jumped the fence,