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  1. My name is Alan Saldich, the CMO at Corelight. Thank you for attending our
  2. Stoffer. Vince is the director of customer solutions at Corelight and one
  3. the data and tell you a little bit about who Corelight is and what we do. So just to
  4. National Lab where Bro was born and I've been at Corelight for a couple years, and
  5. we're going to be looking at the logs in Splunk. That's what our Corelight
  6. Corelight appliance these are the default logs that will come out. And they
  7. support those on the Corelight appliance as well. So there's tons of possibilities
  8. script and come to Corelight for enterprise Bro deployment. I
  9. haven't talked anything at all about who we are but essentially Corelight was
  10. And so that is really primarily what Corelight was founded as the company to
  11. most common destination on the Corelight enterprise side. elasticsearch is
  12. and we will be happy to chat with you more about the company,
  13. This is Colleen Milton on behalf of Corelight and 451 Research. I would like to welcome you and say thanks for attending today's webcast
  14. Security at 451 Research following Eric will be Brian Dye who is chief product officer at Corelight
  15. Corelight and Bro (Zeek), and some of the
  16. Corelight on it but this is how I see NTA mapping into your strategic objectives for 2019 and
  17. like a Corelight or Bro (Zeek) fits in your environment, so
  18. we'll be talking about what Corelight is doing that helps turn that C into an a
  19. But when I talk to defenders now I and I ask them. What are they doing beyond Bro (Zeek)? Right? beyond Corelight
  20. And that's really where Corelight comes in