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  1. did you start the firm that you have started? And what do you do? ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Thank you. It's
  2. think you can afford to be without it. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: And that's how my journey started
  3. like that. But it's no longer a small shop, right? ANATOLY CRACHILOV: That's correct. MORITZ SEIBERT:
  4. chest. But that's not what you're doing. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: [INAUDIBLE]. MORITZ SEIBERT: Exactly.
  5. the multi-signature elements of your custody solutions are. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Absolutely.
  6. arbitrage fund, and how you go about generating alpha in those markets. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: I think
  7. essentially describing a low-latency triangular arb business here. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Absolutely
  8. manage that and to what extent that creates a drag. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: So the way it works, we
  9. assets. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Definitely. MORITZ SEIBERT: So that one is interesting. You have
  10. and how do you manage that? ANATOLY CRACHILOV: The answer is we're not exposed to Ripple.
  11. or a security that tracks Bitcoin efficiently without any premium. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: That's
  12. of days. Right? ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Yep. MORITZ SEIBERT: Give us one more example. You're a crypto
  13. hedge fund. Fascinating, interesting to learn how you trade markets. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Yeah.
  14. it on that exchange. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Yeah, absolutely. Another thing I would like to mention
  15. those trades for you? ANATOLY CRACHILOV: So the answer is the entire trading is fully systematic.
  16. mentioned Grayscale, which has become famous. What do you do differently? ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Right.
  17. that. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Absolutely. If you look on the market, you can either access it via spot
  18. to Bitcoin, between now, the end of the year, the end of 2022? ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Yeah. I think 2020
  19. As great as we know that, re, history rarely ever repeats, but it does rhyme-- ANATOLY CRACHILOV: It
  20. valuable. ANATOLY CRACHILOV: Absolutely correct. And I should warn people I'm talking to, just