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  1. If you want a Crosstar at Honda, you'll be done pretty quickly. Crosstar is a trim level for the Jazz, which will cost you 31.500 without extra's.
  2. Toyota Yaris Cross, Honda Jazz Crosstar, Suzuki Vitara, Suzuki S-Cross...
  3. called the Jazz Crosstar. It's dressed up with black plastic cladding around its wheel arches
  4. Honda will also sell you a Jazz Crosstar, which comes with a raised ride height and
  5. But you've clearly haven't thought about the Crosstar-version. That's slightly higher up, it's got widened arches and a different nose.
  6. A big advantage of the Honda Jazz has always been the amount of space it had to offer, and this Crosstar is no exception.
  7. It has only three litres less than a regular Jazz, and that's because the Crosstar has a more comprehensive sound system with a subwoofer.
  8. Jazz. Crosstar or not.