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  1. the way back to the Cryocene.
  2. When we left off, Serina was just beginning to warm at the end of the Cryocene Era.
  3. In a warm forest, a descendent of the Serilopes of the Cryocene ambles through the woods.
  4. their size, are actually an offshoot of the massive Cryocene serestriders.
  5. hunters who have also endured beyond the Cryocene.
  6. During the Thermocene, the waters largely empty of megafauna due to Cryocene extinctionsnow
  7. out by the cryocene extinctions.
  8. In the depths of the oceans, the swordwhales now flourish gigantic descendants of Cryocene
  9. of the canaries, and the moon is now entering a period called the Cryocene.
  10. Jumping forwards to the late Cryocene the final period well be covering in this particular