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  1. The speed-up of cuQuantum on DGX is excellent. Running the cuQuantum Benchmark, state vector simulation takes 10 days on a dual-CPU server
  2. Today, we're announcing cuQuantum - an acceleration library designed for simulating quantum circuits
  3. but only 2 hours on a DGX A100. cuQuantum on DGX can productively simulate 10's of qubits.
  4. And Caltech, using Contengra/Quimb, simulated the Sycamore quantum circuit at depth 20 in record time using cuQuantum on NVIDIA's Selene supercomputer.
  5. What would have taken years on CPUs can now run in a few days on cuQuantum and DGX.
  6. cuQuantum will accelerate quantum circuit simulators so researchers can design better quantum computers and verify their results, architect
  7. cuQuantum on DGX is going to give the quantum community a huge boost.
  8. I'm hoping cuQuantum will do for quantum computing what cuDNN did for deep learning.
  9. We announced new DGX systems and new software. Megatron for giant Transformers, Clara for drug discovery, and cuQuantum for quantum computing.