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The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of daash:

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  1. This is a project of Yehezkeli on the Month of Ramadan in the 15 Mosques in Israel who are instituting Jihad in a Daash style
  2. Yehezkely: look there are too many incidents involving Daash who exploiting the month of Ramadan to incite the mosque goers
  3. You will find some mosques that in the past were more subdued & now are escalating their attacks & verbally including dialogue for Daash
  4. As one of the refugees in Syria told me the jargon in the mosques today is exactly the same as the Daash jargon of Kobany in Syria, & here is the project of the Islamist radical mosques today right under our noses!!
  5. The end of the month of Ramadan that marked the most of the attacks by Daash in Syria, in most all the Islamic Nations & the world
  6. The Daash dialog is not only expressed in the streets but mostly in those mosques & especially here on the Temple Mount.
  7. Are they speaking of the holy month of Ramadan?? on the fasting?? on the holiday?? or are they speaking on Daash Or Jihad??? what do they rally think of Jews & israelis
  8. the very Hamas agenda & in some eras the emphasis is more pronounced the Daash agenda, that is why on the month of Ramadan they talk more of jihad which intensifies its meaning.
  9. The cursed Jew Netanyahu the SOB says that our Hamas brothers who are fighting with our Muslim brothers Daash, what does the Hamas brother answer to Netanyahu, Dear PM Netanyahu How dare you call him dear, he is our & Islams enemy !
  10. Look here, not too far the day when the down of the prediction of Daash will come true & Jerusalem will be ours
  11. & then the revelation of DAASH the halifa & all of Jerusalem will be ours again
  12. we are here between Kalkeelya & tool Karem Jerusalem, we can see the mosque from here we can also here the prayers in the PA less about Daash & more on the local level
  13. They are addressing an internal problem, they have instructed all the mosques to prohibit the Jihad, Hamas & Daash dialogue, @ least here in Tool Carem they have progressed.
  14. In the PA authority they prohibit from all the Imams talking about Daash & Hamas & their support, but when it comes to Al-Aqsa mosque to free it from the hands of the jews, they are more vocal in the Palestinian communities
  15. one of the things that makes our job real easy is that all those sermons are broadcast over a loud speakers, the fact is that 6 MO ago one of the Imams who was delivering a sermon declared his support to the leader of Daash.