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  1. Fossil Free Dalsland.
  2. I am already planning my work as a fishing guide for Sportfishing Dalsland around those events
  3. Dalsland in particular
  4. Andy is owner and founder of Sportfishing Dalsland
  5. Sportfishing Dalsland offers world-class fishing, year-round
  6. Sportfishing Dalsland has a wide range of houses rental boats and has a
  7. fishing possibilities the Dalsland province has some of the best nature
  8. So here we are, the Dalsland Canal Expedition!
  9. The entire Dalsland canal is actually a string of lakes connected to each other
  10. Dalsland canal, giving you passage through all those locks
  11. across the entire Dalsland canal you don't find many gas stations close to
  12. so we just went through another lock in the Dalsland canal and we set up base
  13. yeah and I'm also excited about the rest of the Dalsland canal
  14. now about to enter I think the most famous lock the Dalsland canal
  15. The Dalsland canal is build 1,800s so it's even
  16. Suddenly it hits us... this is the final lock of the Dalsland expedition
  17. Not the nature that you can experience in Dalsland
  18. the final stage of the Dalsland Canal, which is Kpmannebro
  19. rendezvouz, fishing with Jakob and Frans at Sportfishing Dalsland