How do you pronounce daviitzy in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. (DaViITZY) (Break Ice M/V shooting D-DAY)
  2. (The group shooting of DaViITZY began)
  3. (Refreshing, cute, lively) (Cheerful group shooting of DaViITZY)
  4. (After break, DaViITZY are shooting the album cover of Break Ice)
  5. (DaViITZY's Break Ice M/V shooting over!)
  6. (Stay tuned for DaViITZY's Break Ice) I hope the result is nice, too
  7. DaViITZY! Please look forward for us!
  8. We're here to do the DaViITZY collaboration stage
  9. (The XR live shooting of DaViITZY began)
  10. (The cool XR live shooting of DaViITZY's Break Ice is over!)