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  1. the DbContext, because when we configure a DbContext, we're not actually explicitly making
  2. file and see the NorthwindEntities class - a DbContext descendant.
  3. Another clause it's going to be our dbcontext loss and this is going to be for
  4. Object that you want to add to your database and you're gonna accentuate it again new instance of employee dbcontext
  5. One of the very important classes in Entity Framework Core is the DbContext class. This is
  6. Name it AppDbContext. To use Entity Framework Core built in DbContext class
  7. within our application, we create a class that derives from the DbContext class. Bring in the
  8. is DbContext class constructor and for that, we simply use the base keyword and to it, pass the
  9. options object. If you're wondering, why is this options object required? Well, for the DbContext
  10. in the Models folder and this class inherits from the built-in DbContext class. So,
  11. The employee id is passed as a parameter, so, as usual on the DbContext instance,
  12. page. Now previously I'd actually got this data from a database using a DbContext, but for now
  13. we get the DbContext injected, but because it's Scoped we've again got to be careful
  14. end of your chain of these injectable services you will have something like a DbContext,
  15. created a DbContext that just has that list of BookReviews. And then in Startup, I have
  16. configured that as a DbContext using SQLite in there, and that's the sort of thing I've done in plenty of
  17. adding of the DbContext also configures it for Dependency Injection. Because if we
  18. that the constructor takes a parameter of that DbContext and then uses it just to get hold of
  19. we don't get to put in that DbContext. And that's really one of the practical benefits we get
  20. DbContext and from that we can do things like get the BookReviews - in this case - and display the