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How do you pronounce ddochi in English (1 out of 15).

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  1. For 2 years 'Ddochi' has been a dog employee at the hair salon
  2. Ddochi, take him to his seat
  3. Does Ddochi get paid too?
  4. (Ddochi) Creates a nice ambiance
  5. Did Ddochi grow up in the hair salon since he was young?
  6. Ddochi met his new family
  7. Ddochi shut out everyone in the past
  8. 'Ddochi' has become the hair salon's mascot
  9. Perpare Ddochi's meal
  10. Ddochi's family's grandpa : He's clever and cute
  11. Ddochi's family's grandma : He has a charm that makes people like him
  12. Who's Ddochi's fave?
  13. Ddochi..
  14. Ddochi, you like Grandpa too, right?
  15. Ddochi was able to overcome a painful memory