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How do you pronounce de facto segregation in English (1 out of 26377).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of de facto segregation

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of de facto segregation:
/di fæktow sɛɡɹəɡejʃən/

Derived Form of de

plural: des
a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
SynonymsDelaware, Diamond State, First State, DE,
MeronymsDelaware, Delaware Bay, Dover, Wilmington,
HolonymsMid-Atlantic states, United States,
Partscapital of Delaware, Delaware, Delaware Bay, Delaware River, Dover, Wilmington,
Type ofAmerican state,
Part ofMid-Atlantic states,
remove or reduce
undo, reverse, do the opposite

Derived Form of segregation

plural: segregations
(genetics) the separation of paired alleles during meiosis so that members of each pair of alleles appear in different gametes
Hypernymsorganic process,
Type ofbiological process, organic process,
Part ofmeiosis, miosis, reduction division,
a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups
Hyponymsde facto segregation, de jure segregation, purdah, racial segregation, white separatism,
Hypernymssocial organization,
Type ofsocial organisation, social organization, social structure, social system, structure,
Typesde facto segregation, de jure segregation, purdah, racial segregation, sex segregation, white separatism,
See alsosegregate,
the act of segregating or sequestering
  1. sequestration of the jury
Type ofseparation,
See alsosegregate,

de facto segregation on Youtube

  1. -What's that? -De facto segregation.
  2. De facto segregation.
  3. or SCLC focused on the de facto segregation
  4. STEVEN BREGMAN: Yeah, but if they're, 100th of 1%, they're in de facto in a de facto sense,
  5. to Jews in Germany, de jure and de facto end quote.
  6. It is wrong for the president, either de facto or de jure, to suggest that people should
  7. It is important to keep in mind that non-discrimination for women must exist in de jure and de facto
  8. De jure means of law and de facto means of fact, meaning, what is actually happening in reality
  9. Just wonderin', if Skabeeva somewhere in Kiselev's pocket catches chlamydia, will Popov de jure and de facto
  10. During the following weeks de facto Super Bowl
  11. he grows up the de facto loses club leader Bill Deborah becomes a successful
  12. you were appreciating Sally is the de facto sally award all right
  13. turns it into a de facto inside-the-park homer.
  14. boom! Beat Spain. Get out and so English became the de facto. Like you're saying,
  15. There were many reasons for Uranium being chosen as the de facto fission fuel over Thorium,
  16. de facto control of some of Western Sahara, a place
  17. and is pretty much the de facto JRPG series next to Final Fantasy.
  18. Johnny Knoxville burst onto the showbiz scene in 2000 as the de facto host of MTV's Jackass,
  19. industry which de facto
  20. though didn't think this de facto entrance exam was sufficiently rigorous