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How do you pronounce dediqated in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. Next week at Dediwaijed ... Dediqated....
  2. E-Life: Welcome to already the fourth episode of the DEDIQATED podcast
  3. The podcast which is of course all about DEDIQATED and 20 years of Q-dance,
  4. E-Life: You guys are all part of DEDIQATED, part of the millennium section
  5. E-Life: Does this actually mean that you guys are part of certain sections of DEDIQATED
  6. The best names of that moment will be present at DEDIQATED, it will be a party of recognition
  7. What's it about DEDIQATED that will make it so special with regard to the program of the evening
  8. E-Life: Let's bring it back to Q-dance, to DEDIQATED, 20 years of Q-dance of course
  9. This was the DEDIQATED podcast, my name is E-Life, I'll see you guys on the 8th of February at DEDIQATED!
  11. I'll see you next week at Dediqated and Greazed Up