How do you pronounce delije in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. Despite a daytime, midweek kick-off, their ultras the Delije took a few thousand to the game.
  2. clock, the Delije chanted and raised a banner.
  3. On the face of it, Fahmy would seem an unlikely figure for the Delije to eulogise. It will also
  4. made connections with groups all around the world, including with the Delije, a group notoriously
  5. Delije had in Serbia, Freiburg's famously left wing ultras in Germany held a minute's silence
  6. because of the fans and the atmosphere. For one more time Delije and Grobari did everything
  7. message to send to me for the delije part that it is close to spread case they know how to