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  1. Hi everyone I'm Sangeetha, I'm the SECOM's application specialist at Delmic
  2. For more information or questions about integrated CLEM please visit Delmic's website.
  3. we explained why Delmic Cryo started our journey
  4. Hi, I'm Daan and I've been with Delmic
  5. as a graduate student in joint collaboration with Delmic.
  6. And Delmic has been working to overcome this challenge
  7. The Delmic SECOM was the source of inspiration when we started this
  8. Designer at Delmic B.V. I have been working on the ENZEL system
  9. Hi, I'm Sangeetha, and I work in the applications team at Delmic.
  10. I like working at Delmic very much
  11. What I like working at Delmic is the flat organizational
  12. Hello, my name is Job Fermie and I am an applications specialist at Delmic.
  13. At Delmic we have developed a system that is a solution to all these challenges.
  14. discussing the specifications of the the system, do visit us at
  15. I'm the business unit owner of Delmic Cryo.
  16. please visit