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  1. Dharik Mallapragada: hi Heidi, this is a direct manner program from the MIT Energy Initiative, so I will profess my comment by saying that i'm not a scientist i'm coming from the energy systems side of thinking about this problem, and you know.
  2. Dharik Mallapragada: Have kind of landed on thinking about geological hydrogen storage primarily from the.
  3. Dharik Mallapragada: Renewable energy capital costs sort of highlighted at the very beginning.
  4. Dharik Mallapragada: And so, one question I had for you, you know was around sort of you know, there are commercially deployed facilities today right there about five facilities, if I remember correctly, for hydrogen.
  5. Dharik Mallapragada: In sorry Kevin setting that up in Texas, and two in England.
  6. Dharik Mallapragada: In one of these ideas.
  7. Dharik Mallapragada: So i'm just wondering, so do do those sort of geological environments.
  8. Dharik Mallapragada: face the same challenges that that you highlighted here with respect to porous rock or are they unique in some ways, and perhaps, therefore, the very first sort of resources to be exploited from a supply curve standpoint.