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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of dice cup

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of dice cup:
/dajs kʌp/

Derived Form of dice

plural: dice
third person: dices
past: diced
past participle: diced
present participle: dicing
a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces; used in gambling to generate random numbers
Hyponymsfive-spot, four-spot, one-spot, six-spot,
small cubes with 1 to 6 spots on the faces; used to generate random numbers
Type ofcube, square block,
Typesfive-spot, four-spot, six-spot,
cut into cubes
  1. cube the cheese
Type ofcut,
See alsodicer,
play dice
Type ofgamble,

Derived Form of cup

plural: cups
third person: cups
past: cupped
past participle: cupped
present participle: cupping
a small open container usually used for drinking; usually has a handle
  1. he put the cup back in the saucer
  2. the handle of the cup was missing
Hyponymsbeaker, chalice, coffee cup, Dixie cup, grace cup, kylix, mustache cup, scyphus, teacup,
Hypernymscontainer, crockery,
Type ofcontainer, crockery, dishware,
Typesbeaker, chalice, coffee cup, cylix, Dixie cup, drinking cup, goblet, grace cup, kylix, measuring cup, moustache cup, mustache cup, paper cup, scyphus, teacup,
the quantity a cup will hold
  1. he drank a cup of coffee
  2. he borrowed a cup of sugar
Type ofcontainerful,
any cup-shaped concavity
  1. bees filled the waxen cups with honey
  2. he wore a jock strap with a metal cup
  3. the cup of her bra
Hypernymsconcave shape,
Type ofconcave shape, concavity, incurvation, incurvature,
a United States liquid unit equal to 8 fluid ounces
HypernymsUnited States liquid unit,
Type ofUnited States liquid unit,
Part ofpint,
cup-shaped plant organ
Hypernymsplant organ,
Type ofplant organ,
Typesacorn cup, cupule,
a punch served in a pitcher instead of a punch bowl
Hyponymschampagne cup, claret cup,
Type ofpunch,
Typeschampagne cup, claret cup,
the hole (or metal container in the hole) on a golf green
  1. he swore as the ball rimmed the cup and rolled away
  2. put the flag back in the cup
Type ofhole,
a large metal vessel with two handles that is awarded as a trophy to the winner of a competition
  1. the school kept the cups is a special glass case
Synonymsloving cup,
HyponymsDavis Cup,
Type ofprize, trophy,
TypesDavis Cup,
form into the shape of a cup
  1. She cupped her hands
Type ofform, shape,
put into a cup
  1. cup the milk
Type ofenclose, inclose, insert, introduce, put in, stick in,
treat by applying evacuated cups to the patient's skin
Type ofcare for, treat,
See alsocupping,

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  2. There's no way. Dead instantly. Their bones would be dice in a Yahtzee cup.
  3. Spicy Stuffing for Turkey or Chicken Cut into small dice: 1 Large onion Several Stalks of Celery Toast then Soak then Pree: 1 or 2 Guajillo Chiles (or similar) In a Saute Pan Cook Onion and Celery in 1/2 Cup Butter & the Chile Puree.
  4. locker room being tossed around like dice in Yahtzee cup, her survival came down solely
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  10. cup urad dal, cup moth dal, 1 tbsp dhania seeds and 1 tbsp zeera powder.
  11. Benfica will play the Taa de Honra de Lisboa, the Eusbio Cup and the Emirates Cup before
  12. Now I'm guessingwith one cup she didn't get to everyone but that'sokay because other cup-bearing ladies
  13. E:1 cup? *PBBT* 1 cup. 1 cup. 1 cup. *Tyler agrees*
  14. *Material* 1/2 cup kakdugi (paper cup quantification) 1/4 cup kkakdugi broth (paper cup) paprika1/3 rice olive oil 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1/2 tablespoon brewed soy sauce sesame seeds pancake powder two eggs a little salt
  15. Idli Rice 1 Cup, Brown Chana 1/2 Cup, Green Gram 1/2 Cup, Urad Dal 1/2 Cup, Fenugreek 1/2 Tbsp
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  17. There are lots of dice, strange polyhedral dice.
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