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  1. Before proceeding further here Some-thing that you need to know about DigiLocker.
  2. DigiLocker is a digital locker service operated by the Government of India that enables Indian
  3. Users need to possess an Aadhar card to use DigiLocker.
  4. AT the first you need to installed DigiLocker from play store.
  5. Wrong data will block your DigiLocker Account.
  6. Thereafter go back to DigiLocker Application and enter UserName and Password & you can
  7. If you forgot DigiLocker Password.
  8. Then you have to do same procedure to get a new password for DigiLocker.
  9. Here you will get option for create a New Password for Your DigiLocker account.
  10. Then once again retype or confirm your password for DigiLocker.
  11. Here you go you have successfully changed you DigiLocker Password.
  12. Then Go Back to DigiLocker Application.
  13. Here is your DigiLocker Dashboard.
  14. So, here in this way you can easily recover DigiLocker UserID and Password.
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