How do you pronounce dillenburg in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. at Dillenburg Castle, Germany.
  2. had fled to his family's castle at Dillenburg in the Habsburg Empire,
  3. Back at Dillenburg, Willem's wife Anna of Saxony had become very unstable.
  4. Life at Dillenburg was very structured with curfews,
  5. Jan Rubens was arrested and locked up at Dillenburg castle,
  6. while he recuperated at Dillenburg Castle.
  7. of Orange title was passed to his first cousin, William of Nassau-Dillenburg. William had
  8. To Engelbrecht I van Nassau-Dillenburg
  9. at Dillenburg Castle in Germany.
  10. that he was quite homesick for Dillenburg.