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  1. they could before Bolas's prophesied return, and made new allies in the form of Samut and Djeru,
  2. Although he was still furious with Samut, Djeru now ran alongside her, with a desperate hope that
  3. Oketra called for the mortals to flee, but Hapatra was determined to protect their god. Commanding Samut and Djeru to dismount Tuya,
  4. Samut, and Djeru would try to find and protect Hazoret and Bontu, as they were all Naktamunhad left.
  5. Samut and Djeru found Hazoret fairly quickly, as the god fought furiously to defend Naktamun's people
  6. asked Samut and Djeru to round up as many people as they could and hide out in the desert
  7. They decided Hapatra would be the one to lead the band of survivors away, while Samut, Djeru, and
  8. Fighting throughwaves of Eternals, Samut and Djeru realized just how unstoppable this undead army really was.
  9. Samut wanted to go with them, to kill the one who had destroyed her home, but Djeru stopped her and
  10. Picking up a few survivors here and there, Samut and Djeru's band of warriors searched for Hazoret.
  11. At Djeru's order, they started pushing the Scorpion God towards a cluster of broken obelisks near the Luxa.
  12. by a mightyblow from a khenra wielding Rhonas's own staff. Djeru and some others were waiting behind the godwith rope,