How do you pronounce djnz in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. knowing apart from that it's exactly the same JP there's also DJNZ which only
  2. DEC, the CP, and the JP but DJNZ would be it's effectively DEC B... CP 0
  3. We've seen it briefly before, but here it is again: DJNZ, or Decrement and Jump if
  4. Not Zero. Rather than doing separate decrement and conditional jump instructions, a DJNZ will
  5. at the end. On top of that, none of the status flags are affected by DJNZ, not even the Z flag,
  6. We move onto the next character by incrementing HL and then doing a DJNZ to decrement the loop
  7. increment the address in HL and then another DJNZ to keep looping until B gets down to zero.