How do you pronounce djordis in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. Hi all! Thanks for watching this new video! I'm at De Paardenplaats with Djordis.
  2. Today's the autumn-concours and I'm competing with Djordis.
  3. The funny is though.. Djordis and I jumped twice together.
  4. Roos has a little trouble jumping with Djordis, because they once fell together.
  5. Djordis is like: why are you talking to a camera, I'm not used to that.
  6. Roos is a little scared and that makes Djordis nervous too
  7. Roos is taking care of Djordis and I'm taking care of myself right now.
  8. Anyway, I'm gonna change clothes and take care of Djordis. Well, Roos is doing actually.
  9. I'm gonna lay down my stuff on Djordis, I think he doesn't care.
  10. Djordis is proud too!