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How do you pronounce dndar in English (1 out of 9).

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  1. Aliar Beyin Dndar threatens neither the first nor the last.
  2. Alisar Bey, Kaydan Dndar Bey daughter Aygl Hatunu as well as Sheikh Edebali's daughter
  3. Hatun, the daughter of Dndar Bey?
  4. Edebali Bala Hatunu and the daughter of Dndar Bey Aygl Hatunu.
  5. Dndar Bey, Sheikh Edebali's reaction will certainly be both.
  6. at the moment, but Dndar Bey.
  7. Although his first wife probably received permission from Dndar Bey and Aygl Hatun
  8. Alp did not enter, Osman bey Dndar said, Uncle Aygl is my brother. He would give
  9. very different. In the trailer, Aliar bey Dndar comes to his brain partner and asks,