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  1. But because DouDrop can only answer in Pokemon - DouDrop, DouDrop, Doudrop - Eva Marie came
  2. enough wrestler names sound like Pokemon. Doudrop, doudrop, doudrop?
  3. The fact that Doudrop tried to listen to Eva Marie that would cause Doudrop to
  4. >> And Doudrop just in time.
  5. Doudrop saves the match-up for her team.
  6. >> In with the rescue is Doudrop.
  7. don't make me use, this is designer, Doudrop, come on.
  8. >> Doudrop coming to the defense of Eva Marie.
  9. >> Absolutely right, Corey, Doudrop now.
  10. >> Wow, how impressive is Doudrop?
  11. Alexa Bliss had invited DouDrop onto her Playground segment.
  12. Eva Marie and DouDrop came out, which distracted Bliss to go after them, only to get dumped
  13. over the barricade by DouDrop - presumably being put in the same pocket dimension as
  14. protegee, the former Piper Niven from NXT UK - now being called Doudrop. Because not
  15. What do you think about the Doudrop and Eva Marie storyline? Let me know in the comments
  16. Let's go Doudrop.
  17. >> Down goes Doudrop.
  18. Beautiful clothesline there just dropping Doudrop in the corner.
  19. >> Well Tamina needs to stay focused on the task at hand, that being Doudrop.
  20. >> First time in Raw we've seen Doudrop- >> Hey!