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  1. Now you can with DrawingView that's introduced in Xamarin Community
  2. So here we have the end result, the light gray bar at the top is our DrawingView.
  3. But you can load any type of points basically into your DrawingView.
  4. This is going to be DrawingView sample, save that and with the power
  5. Now let's see, the DrawingView should be in here.
  6. DrawingView.
  7. So I can just specify a new DrawingView here and let's
  8. Now it sees it and now we can access again, all the APIs from our DrawingView.
  9. do it directly from our DrawingView.
  10. It should actually put those lines back in our DrawingView.
  11. going to generate all those points and load that in the DrawingView.