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  1. If we go back to Dreamscaperers, we know that the Stan we know has spent time in a Colombian
  2. his memories seem to match up from Dreamscaperers, it is a possibility.
  3. With those out of the way, there really was only one of two choices: Sock Opera or Dreamscaperers.
  4. That said, and this was a hard decision to make, I chose... Dreamscaperers as Gravity
  5. mind of who he thinks is Stanford Pines. Dreamscaperers may end with the shocking and game changing
  6. Treasure, Dreamscaperers, and Land Before Swine all showcase the best Gravity Falls
  7. and it was directly referenced by Bill Cipher in the episode the Dreamscaperers.
  8. having the means both in Dreamscaperers and in Sock Opera, Bill has either walked away
  9. dreamscaperers the debut game from San francisco-based developers afterburner