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  1. 1st step, hire the investment bankers and create DRHP with their help, 2nd step is to submit that DRHP to SEBI. Then SEBI will check that DRHP
  2. So, firstly the company needs to hire an investment banker, and then they have to make DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) along with them.
  3. This DRHP then needs to be submitted to SEBI, which is a capital market regulator, ad without their permission no company can bring its IPO
  4. To bring their IPO they need permission from SEBI and for that, they need to submit the DRHP, and this made with the help of the investment bankers.
  5. DRHP contains all information about the company like financial information, management information, products and services information, companys risks, its revenue etc.
  6. When SEBI approves the company, then that DRHP convert into RHP (Red herring Prospectus) and then its upto the company that when they want to bring its IPO