How do you pronounce dryoid in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. 3rd place on our list is Subterra Dryoid.
  2. Dryoid has a Power level of 700.
  3. Let's talk about Dryoid's abilities then.
  4. Volcano Fist = Adds 200Gs to Dryoid.
  5. Lightsaber = Adds 200Gs to Dryoid.
  6. Mars Shield = Neutralizes the opponent's abilities and adds 200Gs to Dryoid.
  7. Sword of Murassame = Adds 300Gs to Dryoid.
  8. Crushing Blades = Opponent cannot use abilities Dryoid's Fusion Abilities are: Flying Dragon
  9. Yeki Demon = Subtracts 300Gs from each opponent and adds 300Gs to Dryoid.
  10. Retsu Lightning = Adds 400Gs to Dryoid.
  11. Information: There are some skills that Dryoid needs to play before he can use some of his
  12. Some of you will say he cheated on Dryoid, but think of it like this mechanical Bakugan