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  1. But Dubnevych ... Dubnevych explained then
  2. People's Deputy Dubnevych.
  3. Dubnevych had his resources moved between different firms and pockets
  4. Dubnevych would, of course, answer that it wasn't his gold,
  5. What Dubnevych didn't expect is for us to talk to the father-in-law.
  6. (that's not Dubnevych)
  7. MP Yaroslav Dubnevych gets out of a brand new Mercedes S500.
  8. Neither for Yaroslav Dubnevych.
  9. So we go to Lviv, Dubnevych's homeland.
  10. Maryana seems to know everything about Dubnevych's business and schemes.
  11. The Dubnevych brothers are the already mentioned Yaroslav
  12. At the end of 2019, Yaroslav Dubnevych's colleagues in the Parliament
  13. - Yaroslav Dubnevych, being the head of the Transport Committee,
  14. Dubnevych got out quickly, but just as quickly another trouble happened to him,
  15. So, at the time of Yaroslav Dubnevych's arrest,
  16. Here, look. In addition to the Mercedes that picks up Dubnevych,
  17. Dubnevych's wife Natalia drives this car.
  18. Well, Roksolana is Yaroslav Dubnevych's daughter.
  19. As it does the Mercedes carrying Yaroslav Dubnevych.
  20. He is 80 years old. And he is Dubnevych's father-in-law.